Thank you for considering a donation.

Donate to Diabetes UK
All applications are provided as freeware because I have enjoyed using the free software from many others. However, I received many messages saying that they would like to make a donation of some kind, so I thought what would be the best way to do it, and decided on a charity donation.

I have chosen the registered UK charity Diabetes UK as it supports sufferers of diabetes and also research into new treatments. Click here or on the 'Diabetes UK' logo to find out more about Diabetes UK and/or make a donation using their facilities.

If you already donate to a diabetes charity then please don't double donate, unless you want to.

As I've already said in the sidebar, my son has type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed at Christmas 2003 when he was just under 3½ years old. He deals with his diabetes very well and our hope is that one day in the future he'll be able to change his injections for a less unpleasant treatment method. Just before his sixth birthday he started doing his own injections four times a day. By donating to Diabetes UK it may bring that hope closer to a reality.

I'd like to thank all those that have sent supportive messages and also to all those that have donated.

If you do donate: I don't know anything about it from Diabetes UK, so it would be great to hear from you. You can use the Support form to send me a note.

Just to note: We are not associated with Diabetes UK, except that we pay for my son's annual membership.