Current version:
Release date:
1.5.4 beta 6
9 February 2012
Please note:
Development of Diabetes Logbook X and Asthma Logbook X has been suspended: while the applications still seem to work in Mac OS X 10.10 there will be no more bug fixes.

The development environment (Xcode) has advanced too much since I started these projects on Mac OS X 10.4 and it would require the applications to be started afresh as completely new projects, for which I haven't the time to invest is such a large undertaking. For a replacement Diabetes logbook I recommend looking at
DiabetesPal in the Mac App Store. Pascal, the developer, got some ideas from my logbook and so there is a familiar set of reports and features.

Diabetes Logbook X is a logbook application for tracking and reporting diabetes related information such as:
  • blood glucose readings, in mmol/L or mg/dL
  • insulin and medicines administered
  • carbohydrates consumed
  • ketone tests
  • weight, height, calculated Body Mass Index, and HbA1c
  • event name
  • free-text notes.
An event can even be flagged so it stands out from other events.

It can generate 5 different types of report, to show your information how you want to see it.

Remember appointments and supplies, and set reminders in iCal; Record important contact information and, now, add it to Address Book.


  • Workaround for bug in Mac Lion 10.7 '/usr/bin/defaults' Unix command that forgets timezone offsets in stored dates, used when creating diabetes reports. Fix for bug that stopped
  • viewing reports in Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'.
Adding support for importing ACCU-CHEK Smart PIX data from xml files (ongoing work)

It seems that, globally, HbA1c will be changing how it is reported: the current % units will change to mmol/mol. In the UK this will start in June 2009 with dual use of mmol/mol and %; In 2011 the use of % will be phased out. More information is available in these links.

  1. Updated: HbA1c graph report now supports mmol/mol units. If the reporting period inlcudes HbA1c values above 15.0 these are assumed to be mmol/mol and the graph switches to these units: any values found below this will be converted to mmol/mol. If no values are above 15.0 the original % units are used.
  2. Updated: The default HbA1c standardisation scheme for current % values is set to the US NGSP. Published research papers indicate two other standardisation schemes: Japan's JDS/JSCC; Sweden's. Support for converting to mmol/mol from these three schemes is included.
  3. Updated: HbA1c fields no longer include number formating with %.
  4. Fixed: Corrected a bug caused all imported events to be set to the current month.

Before using the software and when migrating to a localised language version, please read the User Guide.

As a Mac OS X Universal Binary, Diabetes Logbook X supports both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

Supported Languages

Diabetes Logbook X supports these localisations:
  • English: the development language.
  • French: by Corentin Cras-Méneur with the help of Josselyne Rochaud.
  • German: by Christoph Schmitz.
  • Italian: by Claudio at Creative Shield.
  • Spanish: by Fernando Pintabona.
The localisation method was established with the help of Corentin Cras-Méneur.

Special thanks to

Arizona Software for supporting localisation with their excellent iLocalize 3 application.
DEVONtechnologies for helping to organise and track the project with their great DEVONthink and DEVONagent applications.
RouteBuddy Ltd for helping to us have healthy outdoor fun with RouteBuddy and RouteBuddy Atlas for iPhone which now supports UK OS topographical maps.

And of course all of you that have donated to Diabetes UK and/or have sent so many warm messages.

Important Disclaimer

Diabetes Logbook X requires no special privileges to run, and all effort has gone to ensure that it will only perform those actions that are described in here. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.